About picsome

    picsome is a project of Wikimedia Deutschland e. V. The application is intended to be the technical successor of our Attribution Generator. We want to make the functionalities contained in the Attribution Generator available on a larger scale and, for example, also usable for images from other repositories. In addition, we have integrated areas for collecting and managing images as well as for sharing and searching in own or publicly shared collections. In this way, picsome will become the place to go for freely licensed, high-quality images that can be used in a license-compliant way.

    We invite everyone to join us and work collaboratively to collect and curate this content. This is how we can gather an attractive collection of free and high quality content that offers a usable solution for many users and has the potential to save us all a lot of work during the next image search.abzunehmen.


    Free licences enable free reuse

    Knowledge is free when it is freely accessible and usable by everyone. So far, this has only been established practice in small sections of our society. In most cases, the re-use of third-party content such as images, videos or texts is not permitted without further ado. In some cases, fees are charged for access and reuse, or possible uses are limited.

    This is where freely licensed content offers a variety of options: They are freely accessible and can be used by everyone without violating copyright or having to pay fees. Fortunately, various search engines and media collections (repositories) have now emerged that are dedicated to searching for and offering free content.

    Wikimedia Deutschland is already actively promoting the license-compliant use of free content with the Attribution Generator.  The tool is a simple wizard that assists in the creation of licensing notices for all images hosted on Wikimedia Commons.

    The next step for the Attribution Generator

    The success of the Attribution Generator has prompted us to further develop it conceptually and technically. One of our first goals is to make the application usable not only for images from Wikimedia Commons, but also for images from other repositories.

    In addition, we have set ourselves the goal of no longer supporting our users only in the final step of creating the license notice, but to facilitate the entire process of searching for, collecting and using freely licensed images in accordance with the license conditions.
    In recent months, we have therefore developed a concept for a social bookmarking platform aimed at people who are looking for freely licensed images and would like to use them without legal hurdles and great effort. For them, our platform should take on the role of a central and neutral intermediary and enable users to discover and compare suitable images from the various platforms as quickly as possible.

    We want to work openly and transparently right from the start. This concerns the documentation of the development progress as well as every line of written code. Therefore, the application will be developed open source, which means that the software and infrastructure will be open and freely accessible. The application is designed to be multilingual so that it can also be used internationally in the future.